February 1st, 2018

Our breakouts feature presentations from exceptional entrepreneurs in a smaller, more interactive setting. Please select your preferred breakout from the options below.

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Immersive Technology: Lessons from AR/VR Application Providers & the Top Platforms

Virtual Reality's rollercoaster ride hasn't required goggles to feel the ups & downs in one's stomach. Augmented Reality seems to be making a major push, but it is still unclear where this technology is headed. Like every industry, the initial enthusiasm is leading to some very specific uses that are taking hold while others are mere fads. Learn from companies at the forefront of immersive technology around what has worked, what hasn't and what the next loop-to-loop holds. Facilitated by Kobie Fuller

Companies Presenting:

Adam Arrigo | TheWaveVR
Andrew Trickett | Merge
Drew Skillman | Tilt Brush (Google)
Nick Fajt | Against Gravity
Timoni West | Unity

Robots in Your Head - WTF? Learn How Robots Will Transform Retail, Industry and Even Your Own Body

We've all heard how robots will replace jobs as far-reaching as factory QA, baristas and even caretakers. It's only the first inning, and robots will become far more pervasive across industries including heavily regulated ones such as healthcare and the treatment of disease. Come learn what's happening at the edge of industry, retail and even your own body. Facilitated by Kevin Zhang

Companies Presenting:

Aviad Maizels | Bionaut Labs
Erik Schluntz | Cobalt Robotics
Jeremy Conrad | Stealth Robotics Startup
Paolo Pirjanian | Embodied

The Brain and the Neuroscience of Innovation

Every day, neuroscience researchers uncover more about how the brain works, leading not only to important medical breakthroughs but also to better understanding of the neuroscience around innovation. Speakers in this session will present their cutting-edge insights into the brain, health, and creativity. Facilitated by Hamet Watt

Companies Presenting:

Bob Bilder | UCLA
Leo Petrossian | Neural Analytics
Ramsay Brown | Dopamine Labs

Technology is Transforming the CMO: Do They Need Your Solutions?

No industry is being more rapidly transformed by technology than marketing. Consumers connect with brands directly, social media has changed engagement forever, and analytics have significantly increased the importance of CMOs. Top CMOs get hundreds of calls from start-ups trying to sell their solutions. 

Hear leading CMOs share how they are transforming their roles, leveraging automation for real-time marketing and decision-making, and deciding what technology solutions they really need (or don’t) to accelerate change.  Facilitated by Wes Nichols

Companies Presenting:

Andy Lark | Xero
Jeff Miller | Snap
Raja Rajamannar | Mastercard
Steven Wolfe Pereira | Quantcast

Machine Learning in High-Stakes Decisions

As Machine Learning & AI have become more universal, there are uses at the extremes of decisions in healthcare, mental health & crisis planning that will define how much we can rely on computers to make critical decisions. Come learn from some companies operating at this technology front. Facilitated by Kara Nortman

Companies Presenting:

Chris Gibson | Recursion Pharmaceuticals
Noah Craft | Science37
Omid Toloui | CareMore Health

How to Out-Amazon Amazon

The common perception is that Amazon has won commerce, but the reality is actually anything but. This session features several unique and well-positioned companies who are "out-Amazoning Amazon" - disrupting commerce and creating tools for retailers to compete in this new world. Facilitated by Greg Bettinelli

Companies Presenting:

Alex Zhou | Yamibuy
David Sobie | Happy Returns
Lior Elazary | inVia Robotics
Rob Keve | Flow Commerce