We have planned 8 breakout sessions covering a variety of topics that are important to us. Please review them below and select the on you would like to attend


How Machine Learning Can Save the World

Kara Nortman | Upfront Ventures
Nancy Lubin | Crisis Text Line
Noah Craft | Science37
Chris Gibson | Recursion Pharmaceuticals


Kobie Fuller | Upfront Ventures
Adam Arrigo | TheWaveVR
Timoni West | Unity


Kevin Zhang | Upfront Ventures
Paolo Pirjanian | Embodied
Aviad Mazels | Bionaut

How to Out-Amazon Amazon

Greg Bettinelli | Upfront Ventures
David Sobie | Happy Returns
Lior Elazary | inVia
Alex Zhou | Yamibuy
Rob Keve | Flow Commerce

Marketing Leadership

Wes Nichols | Upfront Ventures
Raja Rajamanna | Mastercard