In lieu of charging fees for Summit, please consider making a donation to Defy Ventures.

You will receive a receipt to submit for your expenses.

Defy helps incarcerated people learn entrepreneurial skills and reduces recidivism.



Suggested Donation

$500 - Entrepreneur Suggestion
Funds one scholarship for an incarcerated entrepreneur-in-training (EIT)

$1,200 - Executive Suggestion
Funds one scholarship for a post-release EIT

$2,500 - VC Suggestion
Funds five scholarships for incarcerated EITs

$5,000 - If You're Feeling Extra-Generous!
Funds ten scholarships for incarcerated EITs


About Defy Ventures

Defy Ventures “transforms the hustle” of currently and formerly incarcerated men, women, and youth by providing entrepreneurship training, intense character and personal development, job placement, executive mentorship, startup incubation, and “Shark Tank” style pitch competitions. Leveraging a blended learning model, Defy combines the scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of video-based training with life-transforming opportunities for growth through in-person coaching and mentoring. Defy empowers “Entrepreneurs-in-Training” (or “EITs”) to launch successful careers and businesses and break generational legacies of poverty and incarceration.

Read about one of the most meaningful days of Mark Suster's life volunteering with Defy.