LA's Premier Technology Event

February 1, 2018


Interviews and Presentations from Upfront Summit 2018

Chamillionaire Presents Convoz

David Frum Interview with Heather Podesta

Anne Sweeney Interview with Kara Nortman

Ready Player One with Tye Sheridan and Chris deFaria

Shepard Fairey and Heather Podesta with Yves Sisteron

David Marcus Interview with Julia Boorstin

Jim Gianopulos Interview with Jason Hirschhorn

Ted Bunch Presents A Call to Men

Investing in Blockchain Infrastructure and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain Technologies, Scalability, and Project Governance

Social Video Megastars Driving Gen Z

James Reinhart Presents thredUP

Lior Elazary Presents inVia Robotics

Mark Suster Interview with Dan Rather

Kerry Washington Interview with Kara Nortman

Jeff Weiner Interview with Jeff Berman

Dan Gilbert Interview with Jonathon Triest

Anne Marie Slaughter on The Future of Work

Claire Hughes Johnson Interview with Ina Fried

The Rise of the Mega Fund - Softbank's Vision Fund | Colin Fan and Lydia Jett Interview with Greg Bettinelli

Steve Case Interview with Jon Steinberg

Anne Marie Slaughter on What Real Equality Looks Like

How Psychedelic Research Will Transform Mental Health Treatment

May Habib Presents Qordoba

Thomas Lee Presentation on The Economics of Cryptocurrencies



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